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Pippa Ehrlich Portraits By Thomas Neil (Low Res - Web)--56_edited.jpg

Pippa Ehrlich is a South African-born nature filmmaker and environmental journalist specializing in the field of marine science and conservation, working with some of the best marine researchers and photographers submarines in the world She is co-director of the film ''My Octopus Teacher" (Lo que the octopus taught me), which won the Oscar for best documentary film in 2021.

"Putting Humans Back to Nature:
Finding a New Approach to Conservation Storytelling"

Do you want your audiovisual works to help make a difference? Oscar winner Pippa Ehrlich teaches this workshop to help you find the keys to effectively communicate about conservation today.


IMPORTANT: the workshop will be taught in ENGLISH

Place: Auditorium - Faculty of Biology (Univ. Oviedo)

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