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First edition 1st to 5th november 2022

In the first edition of Wild Oceans FilmFest held from 1st to 5th

November at the BIOPARC Aquarium of Gijón, there was room for

various activities, projections and colloquiums.




A little before 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 5, many of the finalists of Wild Oceans FilmFest, personalities and many people related to science, the marine world, paraded down the blue carpet at the Bioparc Aquarium in Gijón.

The Awards Ceremony Gala was presented by the geographer, climatologist and scientific popularizer Jacob Petrus, who was reeling off the winners of the 6 festival categories:

  • Best Documentary: Sea of Shadows (Austria), produced in 2019 by Terra Mater Factual Studios. Director Richard Ladkani, award collected by Alejandro Beneit, director of the Bioparc Aquarium of Gijón.

  • Best Documentary Short: Kokoly (UK), produced in 2019 by Blue Venture. Director Gildas Andriamalala.

  • Best Conservation Production: Sharkwater Extinction (Canada), produced in 2018 by Sharkwater Extinction Productions. Director Rob Stewart, award collected by Javier Cristobo, Scientist and Researcher at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography / CSIC

  • Best Production on Animal Behavior or Ecosystem Description: My Octopus Teacher (South Africa), produced in 2020 by Off the Fence and The Sea Change Project. Director Pippa Ehrlich

  • Best Aquarium Production: Saving Sea Turtles: Preventing Extinction (USA), produced in 2017 by Interchange Media Art Productions. Directors Michele Gomes and Jennifer Ting, award collected by Laura Marcos, veterinarian at Bioparc Acuario de Gijón.

  • Young Director: The Evolution of the Ocean (Spain), produced in 2019 by Rafael Fernández Caballero. Director Rafael Fernández Caballero, prize collected by Rafael Fernández Caballero

  • "Saving the Oceans" Tribute Award to Enric Sala, founder of the Pristine Seas project and resident explorer of National Geographic.

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After the Gala, a dinner-cocktail was held for the benefit of the Bioparc Foundation at the Kraken restaurant, where many of the winners attended.

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