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- What is Wild Oceans FilmFest?


Wild Oceans FilmFest is an international festival that tries to show the beauty of the ocean to awaken the love for nature in society. To achieve it we involve it in the conservation of the seas. The festival will be held in Gijón (Spain), between November 4 and 9 2024.

Wild Oceans FilmFest is an initiative of the Bioparc Foundation. The purpose of this institution is to promote the conservation of ecosystems by supporting sustainable conservation projects in situ, promote education, divulgate and add art as an essential tool of awareness and consciousness-raising.



- Why should we take care of the oceans?

We must take care of the oceans because without them there would be no life on the planet. 97% of the Earth’s water is in the oceans. Clouds are formed thanks to evaporation, they irrigate the land and supply aquifers, lakes and rivers. Actually, most of the fresh water we consume comes from the sea.

The oceans have a fundamental role in regulating the climate. They absorb the heat of the sun and create currents that distribute warm waters, contributing decisively to climate. Phytoplankton, small living being of vegetable origin that inhabit the surface of all the Earth’s seas, capture CO2 from the atmosphere and release oxygen. It is therefore the largest producer of oxygen on the planet Earth and the best aid against global warming.

Moreover the oceans are a source of food and raw materials for billions of people.

However, these natural functions are being threatened by the effects of disorderly human action: global warming, acidification, pollution, overfishing… These are problems that we must fight with determination, take personal actions and pass the message to the politicians that we need to act fast and globally.



- How can Wild Oceans FilmFest contribute to ocean conservation?


Wild Oceans FilmFest intends, through the viewing of the best audiovisual productions on life in the oceans, to help society acquire a solid and trained approach to the challenges our seas are facing.  In addition, it seeks to create awareness on the citizens so they become active agents of social and environmental change.



- What kind of productions can participate in the contest?


Any audiovisual production related to the oceans, seas and coasts, completed after January 1, 2021.


-Do productions have any time limitation?

 The only restriction is in the “short film” category: the works submitted to this category should not last more than 30 minutes.


- What is the procedure to register a production?


Registration must be done online through the Filmfreeway platform.



-What is the deadline to submit productions to the contest?


March 4, 2024



- Is there any registration fee?



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