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Rodrigo Núñez Buj (Oviedo, 1978) is a photographer and poet

Asturian living in Llanes. He defines himself as a true passionate about landscape and nature photography.

Lately he is exploring the world of photography

creative looking for abstraction or impressionism.


In recent years he has won several awards: several medals

gold FIAP (International Photography Federation) and CEF (Spanish Photography Confederation) as well as numerous recognitions in prestigious competitions such as the Memorial

María Luisa or the Oasis Photo Contest, among others.


In 2022 he has published his first book of photography and poetry:

"The Undecided Sea".

Rodrigo nunez buj_edited.jpg

Photography course

"A city looking at the sea"


The sea and Gijón cannot be separated. However, the fact that something is close and everyday does not imply that we know it. It is possible that even the greatest treasure loses its shine in the eyes of those who see, but do not look.


"A city looking at the sea" is more than just a photography course on the city and the sea. It is an experience that aims to teach us to contemplate, to value the gift that Gijón has with its port, its beaches, its views... In short, it is about seeing through the eye of an expert photographer who is passionate about its natural environment. Arm yourself with your camera or smartphone and get ready to look at the sea again.


The course is divided into three parts:


-Basic notions about photography (1 h)

-Photographic walk along the beach and the port taking pictures (2 h)

-Viewing of the photographs taken and commentary (1 h)


Meeting point: Bioparc Aquarium of Gijón, at 10 am.


Taught the course: Rodrigo Núñez Buj, Asturian photographer and poet.

Capacity: 25 people prior registration

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