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Screening of finalist short films

Haulout poster.jpg


(V.O. subtitled)

UK, 15 min, 2019. Blue Ventures.

Kokoly offers insight into the life of an incredible woman.

Against a backdrop of extreme poverty, personal loss, and a marine environment that changes beyond her control, Kokoly lives on a razor's edge. She is a traditional Vezo fisherwoman, carrying out her daily routine in the coastal waters of southwest Madagascar.

Life on the Rocks poster.jpg

Life On the Rockyes

(Life on the rocks, VO subtitled)

UK, 19 min, 2019. George Pretty.

At the mouth of the Forth River estuary in Scotland lies an ancient volcanic island, home to the world's largest gannet colony: Bass Rock. For three years in the 1960s, June Nelson and her late husband Bryan called it home, studying birds and their behavior.


June reflects on their time together and the catastrophic loss of seabird populations around the world in the years since.

Imprint poster.jpg

The Manta Listener

(The man who listens to the blankets,

subtitled original version)

Mexico, 7 min, 2020. Waterproff Video.

Disconnect to reconnect!


Our world is dominated by technology and noise. Sometimes it's easy to get lost and people struggle more and more to find true happiness. Thiago Mendonca, a passionate diver has some very simple advice to find the meaning of life. Follow him on his unique journey and let him tell you what it takes to truly reconnect with nature.


surface. (Surface, VO subtitled)

United States, 7 min, 2018. Roam Media.

“Surface” follows award-winning photographer Ben Thouard as he works to find a new perspective on the underwater world. Driven by his desire to create something new in surf photography, after countless hours of work he discovered photography through the wave. But he quickly realized that it wasn't as simple as reaching out and setting up the camera.

Discussion with Germán Riesgo, Flor Guardado, Lara Roguez and Laura Miralles.

Moderator: Ana Fierro

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